Voices on the Prairie

Voices on the Prairie

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Genre: Romance
Tags: Novel, Recommended Books
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781612965574
Sunny Morgan's prefers the isolation on the Lonesome Star Ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas where she nurses wounds left by friends and family. However, her solitude is interrupted when the Governor of Kansas crashes his single engine airplane on her beloved prairie. Sunny's rescue of the Governor reveals her hidden strengths as new friends and foes emerge as a result of the crash.
About the Book

Sunny Morgan retreats to the Lonesome Star Ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas, nursing wounds left by family tragedies and an unfaithful fiancé. The sounds of the tallgrass prairie and the words of an anonymous poet heal her soul.

Her solitude is shattered one morning while checking fence astride her horse, Starbuck, when a single-engine airplane crashes on her pristine prairie. In the midst of a raging thunderstorm, they rescue Governor Dane Richards and his brother-in-law, Ron Moore.

In the aftermath of the crash, Sunny is vaulted into the unwanted national spotlight as the cowgirl angel. While charlatans like Moore exploit both the story and the prairie, Sunny believes the Governor does the same.

The ensuing struggle unveils her hidden strength and she slowly begins to trust once more. When Sunny discovers the anonymous poet is the Governor, will the voices of the prairie convince her to love again?

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