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Farmers: People who Make America Great

America was founded by farmers and I vote we turn it back over to them as soon as possible. I’d be happy to vote for a guy or gal in Levi’s and a Stetson or bib overalls compared to a greasy politician. The vast majority of the new arrivals to early America were farmers who brought […]

Today it is me: Tomorrow it is you – Amina, the refugee

I traveled to the world’s largest refugee camp in Dedaab, Kenya, with Ambassador Tony Hall, a legendary leader in the fight against hunger and now director of the Alliance to End Hunger.  Dedaab is 50 miles from the Somalia border and home to three-quaters of a million refugees. This is story of just one of […]

My Huggable Heroine: Carmen Miller

When Carmen Miller lined her children up for a lickin’ when they were kids, I stood in line and took my medicine, too. Her children – the little hooligans I write about in The Cows of Hobson’s Pond series – were all my age so she just seemed like a Mom and not a sister. I […]

Voices on the Prairie: A Novel

Sunny Morgan retreats to the Lonesome Star Ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas, nursing wounds left by family tragedies and an unfaithful fiancé. The sounds of the tallgrass prairie and the words of an anonymous poet heal her soul. Her solitude is shattered one morning while checking fence astride her horse, Starbuck, when a single-engine […]

Voices on the Prairie: What I Learned While Writing My First Novel

My first novel, Voices on the Prairie, is due to be released July 23.  Naturally, the story is set in one of my favorite places on earth: the Flint Hills of Kansas. The photo that accompanies this blog is one I took last week of a local cowgirl, Richell Bailey, just west of the ghost […]