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A Trip to the Mailbox: A Christmas Story

Harry balanced one hand on the cane while he slipped another log into the fireplace. Usually, he burned spruce or lodgepole pine that grew in abundance in the forest around his cabin, but he kept the Pinon pine for Christmas mornings. No other logs burning on a fire smelled as good as Pinon pine. Harry […]

A Trip to the Mailbox: A Thanksgiving Story

Harry swept the burnt umber oak leaves away from the door with his foot. The swirling wind of autumn piled them against the door as quickly as he moved them away. Shutting the door behind him, his cane tapped the wooden floor as he made his way across the room. He smiled as he slowly […]

What Do You Do With a Burly Log? Part 1

I have a thing for wood. We fell in love with each when I was in high school and first caressed the fine grain of a piece of walnut. For four decades of my life, I’ve never been too far away from wood. I’ve built  houses, worked in a sawmill in Idaho and built furniture for […]

The Gift of Words

I wrote a poem for my first grandchild, Cailyn Joy McNary, and read it to her last night. She’s snuggled her seven-year-old body beside me on the couch and I began to read. (She the one on the right) She came into my world one day With skin as soft springtime air A special gift […]

5 Lessons I Learned With a New Hobby

My son, Isaac, told me I would really enjoy turning wood on a lathe. I told him no; I didn’t need another hobby. It turns out he knows his ol’ Pap better than his Pap knows himself. After several months of turning him down, he arrived one day with a lathe and a set of tools. “Let […]