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Needed: Early Reviewers for “The Cows of Hobson’s Pond” book!

I need people willing to review (and post honest comments online at Amazon) for my new book, The Cows of Hobson’s Pond: Mostly True Stories of Growing Up Kansas. If you are interested, I will send a FREE digital copy; I just need your email address. Email me: Here’s the blurb on the cover […]

Whizzin’ on the Christmas Presents

Little country boys enjoy the glorious freedom of taking a leak in the great outdoors anywhere and at anytime. He will not be inconvenienced during his escapades running home to Momma and the bathroom. Whizzin’ outside is a little boy’s divine right, his manifest destiny, and his heritage. Little boys seldom outgrow this love of […]

Growing Up Kansas: Win Big at Rick’s Shooting Gallery!

When I was a kid, being bored was an entry-level crime in our house. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, Mom pontificated. She also kept a pitchfork in the broom closet for those times I either admitted to, or looked like, I was bored. “Here,” she’d hand me the pitchfork, “if you’re bored, go clean […]

Growing Up Kansas: Learning to Write Until I Make Myself Laugh

Somewhere, some cow’s therapist knows everything there is to know about me. When I started writing my soon to be released novel, Voices on the Prairie, I took the advice of E.L. Doctorow who said that writing was like driving at night; you can only see as far as the headlights. After writing this Growing […]

Growing Up Kansas: The One Thing That Kept Me From Running Away From Home

It was not a good sign when my Mom volunteered to pack me a lunch when I threatened to run away from home. I found a hobo stick that was longer than I was tall that would serve as a multipurpose tool of sorts. One on end, I’d wrap up all my worldly possessions in […]