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The One Lane Bridges of Kauai: A Photographic Journal

Kauai is not a good place to be if you like to hurry. Even if you are accustomed to a frenetic lifestyle, Kauai has a way of taking that out of you. And if you don’t give it up willingly, it just kind of forces it out of you. One of the most effective ways […]

Photographing Limahuli Garden: A Travel Journal of Kauai

What would you load in a canoe if you were crossing the ocean to a place no one had ever been before? Somewhere around 300 A.D., people in the Marquesas Islands far more brave and far less equipped than Christopher Columbus 1,100 years later strapped two hand-hew canoes together and headed off across the ocean […]

Photographing Ke’e Beach: A Travel Journal to Kauai

I saw a real, live, mermaid the first time I was at Ke’e Beach along the north shore of Kauai ten years ago. Or, at least, she wanted to be one because she had fish scales tattooed over both legs from her bikini bottom to her ankles. I didn’t have my always-have-a-camera-ready rule in place […]

Hiking to Hanakapiai Falls: Photography Journal of Kauai

Robert Frost’s advice to choose the road less-traveled is seldom a good idea when it comes to hiking in a jungle. Choosing the path well-worn has more to do with common sense than being a rebel. There are so many great places to photograph in Kauai that it can be as overwhelming as a kid in a candy store […]

How to Create WOW! with Photographs: Kauai Travel Journal

I want to teach you the simplest trick I know to make people ooh-and-ahh over your photographs. Want to know what it is? I go after the perfect photograph like a hunter going after a trophy to mount on a wall. If you ever go with me while I’m photographing, you will hear me shout, […]