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Mixing a Love for Writing With a Passion to Feed the Hungry

I love to write and recently resumed the practice of handwritten letters. My favorite instrument of choice, hands down, is a fountain pen. Using a fountain pen on fine paper requires an entirely different way of writing than which I am accustomed.  I am also a woodworker and was recently given a Siberian Elm with […]

How Many Hungry People Can We Feed With This Tree?

No, I’m not going to try to feed this actual tree to hungry people. Instead,  I will create bowls, pens, wine stoppers, cutting boards, carvings and a variety of other items that, if people want them, they can make a donation to The Outreach Program to help pay for meals to feed hungry people. And Outreach meals are only .25 cents a […]

How to Handle the Critics in Your Life

“And, of course, with the birth of the first artist came the inevitable afterbirth- the critic.” – Mel Brook’s “Birth of the Art Critic.” Getting a publisher interested in my first novel, Voice on the Prairie, was a fulfillment of years of hard work, rejection letters, and dreams-come-true. I felt like little kid the night before […]

The Man Who Restored My Sight; Bob Regier

My alma mater – Bethel College – didn’t know what to do with me when I arrived; I was a non-traditional commuter student and didn’t have a Mennonite heritage. A name like McNary didn’t fit their roster of Claassen, Busenitz, Thiessen, Unruh, Friesen, and Juhnke. However, they graciously made room for me and I hammered out my degree while […]

The Reason I Photograph: To See With Different Eyes

It is not what you hold in your hand that takes a great photograph; it’s what you hold in your heart. – anonymous I admit it: I kind of have a thing for my camera. My camera has had its feelings hurt lately because I’ve been neglectful in our relationship even to the point of […]