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A Trip to the Mailbox: A Christmas Story

Harry balanced one hand on the cane while he slipped another log into the fireplace. Usually, he burned spruce or lodgepole pine that grew in abundance in the forest around his cabin, but he kept the Pinon pine for Christmas mornings. No other logs burning on a fire smelled as good as Pinon pine. Harry […]

Whizzin’ on the Christmas Presents

Little country boys enjoy the glorious freedom of taking a leak in the great outdoors anywhere and at anytime. He will not be inconvenienced during his escapades running home to Momma and the bathroom. Whizzin’ outside is a little boy’s divine right, his manifest destiny, and his heritage. Little boys seldom outgrow this love of […]

Tips for Those Who Loathe the Holidays

Does your Happy Holidays suit not fit anymore?  You don’t want be labeled an Ebenezer Scrooge so you put your Happy Holiday suit on but it just doesn’t fit; the buttons are missing, the legs are too short, and the hat has a hole in it. You know you loathe the holidays if… You scream […]

Why a Second-Hand Christmas Present Was My Favorite Childhood Gift

The best Christmas present I ever received as a child was secondhand; it had belonged to some other ten-year-old boy and my parents picked it up in a thrift shop because they couldn’t afford a new one.  There is something in that memory that wraps my heart around a cup of hot chocolate on a […]

Five Ways to Relate to People Who Hate Christmas

Perhaps you know a normally compassionate person who hates Christmas. Some people hate Christmas- or at least the Christmas season- for all the right reasons.  Here are just a few: Obligation to buy gifts Pressure to spend money Crass materialism that takes away from the meaning of the season Pressure to go to family get-togethers […]