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How Many Hungry People Can We Feed With This Tree?

No, I’m not going to try to feed this actual tree to hungry people. Instead,  I will create bowls, pens, wine stoppers, cutting boards, carvings and a variety of other items that, if people want them, they can make a donation to The Outreach Program to help pay for meals to feed hungry people. And Outreach meals are only .25 cents a […]

Biting the Creativity Bug Instead of Waiting for it to Bite You

I have written, through the years, only when the creativity bug bit me. It might be 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon or 5 o’clock Tuesday morning.  I just waited around for it to bite then I’d write. I’ve learned to bite first. I make an appointment with creativity instead of waiting for it to make an […]

Want to Engage Your Audience? Avoid Clichés

Some friends of mine were excellent musicians and dreamed of performing together. He, with his guitar and singularly clear voice and she, with a voice of incredible range and country charm, wrote their own music. Their music made you feel the love they had for each other. They finally got their chance to perform asked […]

My Heart In Africa: Poverty- the Father of Creativity

If necessity is the Mother of Invention, poverty is the Father of Creativity. I have nice machines to do my laundry, but the ladies in the photo above do amazing work with dirty water and sandy soil. A few weeks in Africa traveling for Outreach made me aware of the astonishing ingenuity of people with […]