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The Power of a Handcrafted Pen to Feed the Hungry

These handcrafted pens generated 2,080 meals for the hungry. Not bad for dead piece of wood. This story began a bit over a year ago when my son, Isaac, gave me a woodworking lathe. I owned one 30 years ago, but after it flipped a tool through my workshop window, I sold it. Fast-forward 30 years […]

Mixing a Love for Writing With a Passion to Feed the Hungry

I love to write and recently resumed the practice of handwritten letters. My favorite instrument of choice, hands down, is a fountain pen. Using a fountain pen on fine paper requires an entirely different way of writing than which I am accustomed.  I am also a woodworker and was recently given a Siberian Elm with […]

How Many Hungry People Can We Feed With This Tree?

No, I’m not going to try to feed this actual tree to hungry people. Instead,  I will create bowls, pens, wine stoppers, cutting boards, carvings and a variety of other items that, if people want them, they can make a donation to The Outreach Program to help pay for meals to feed hungry people. And Outreach meals are only .25 cents a […]

FREE Kindle Edition of My Book – Hunger Bites: Bite Size Stories of Inspiration

My introduction to global hunger occurred as a young meat-and-taters Kansas country-boy sitting at the kitchen table in a drafty old farmhouse. Mom slopped a glob of spinach on my plate and my heart sank. Not even the dog at my feet, which would proudly eat the vilest of carrion, would touch the dark green […]

The Difference Between Apathy, Sympathy, and Empathy

What do you do when you see people, or animals, suffering? Most likely, you’ll respond with one of these reactions: Apathy- you don’t feel anything at all Sympathy- you feel sorry for the person or animal and might donate money to a charity Empathy- you choose to do something to help alleviate the suffering When I first […]