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The Only Person Who Welcomes Change is a Wet Baby: Leadership Series, Part 2

“It is easier to introduce a fourth person into the holy Trinity than it is to change the color of the carpet in the foyer.” – Karl Beck “Just remember this important lesson,” the leadership expert said. “When you return from this conference the people you work with want nothing to change. People have created […]

3 Ways to Move People from Chaos to Unity: Leadership Series, Part 1

Is your work environment, home life, civic group or faith-based organization in chaos? Does it seem like no one knows where the group is going, who is doing what and how things are supposed to be done? After more than 30  years of being in leadership roles or watching other leaders, both good and bad, […]

The Power of a Compliment

I can live two months on one good compliment. – Mark Twain You have the power to make the people around you better through the power of a good compliment. Even if you have tough things that need to be addressed, lead with a genuine compliment and you will have a much more positive outcome. […]

The Value of Watching the Dance From the Balcony

Was your first junior high dance as miserable as mine? My first one registered 9.6 on the Richter Scale of catastrophe to my tender adolescent soul. However, I finally got a girl to dance. I may or may not have traded her a candy bar. Our old gymnasium had a balcony along one side for […]

Leadership Lessons Learned in a Kayak

The greatest celebrations in life are often the simplest. For example, each time I sit in my kayak without dunking myself upside down is a moment of triumph. I’ve dunked myself- and have had others dunk me- out of canoes so many times that I just assume I’ll be soaking wet before the journey begins. […]