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What Do You Do With a Burly Log? Part 1

I have a thing for wood. We fell in love with each when I was in high school and first caressed the fine grain of a piece of walnut. For four decades of my life, I’ve never been too far away from wood. I’ve built  houses, worked in a sawmill in Idaho and built furniture for […]

5 Reasons Why Grandchildren Therapy Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

I have a Batman sticker about the size of a quarter on my shirt. Placed there by my three-year-old grandson, Evan, I’m very reluctant to take it off because of how serious he was when he put it on.  Giving up a Batman sticker to Papa Rick came with both great sacrifice and love. Here […]

You Can’t Build Cabinets With a Buzz Saw

I have pounded tens of thousands of nails and can only recall smashing my thumb with a hammer one time. I was twelve years old and it still hurts. Or at least the memory of it does. I first learned to build things out of wood when I was in High School by helping my […]

Why I Like to Build Things

My wife handed me a small picture out of a magazine.  “Here,” she said with a twinkle, “this is the bed I want you to build us. When can you get started? Will it be done next Friday?”  While she possesses many strong virtues, patience is not one of them. It’s been a while, but […]