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Mixing a Love for Writing With a Passion to Feed the Hungry

I love to write and recently resumed the practice of handwritten letters. My favorite instrument of choice, hands down, is a fountain pen. Using a fountain pen on fine paper requires an entirely different way of writing than which I am accustomed.  I am also a woodworker and was recently given a Siberian Elm with […]

How to Handle the Critics in Your Life

“And, of course, with the birth of the first artist came the inevitable afterbirth- the critic.” – Mel Brook’s “Birth of the Art Critic.” Getting a publisher interested in my first novel, Voice on the Prairie, was a fulfillment of years of hard work, rejection letters, and dreams-come-true. I felt like little kid the night before […]

Voices on the Prairie: A Novel

Sunny Morgan retreats to the Lonesome Star Ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas, nursing wounds left by family tragedies and an unfaithful fiancé. The sounds of the tallgrass prairie and the words of an anonymous poet heal her soul. Her solitude is shattered one morning while checking fence astride her horse, Starbuck, when a single-engine […]

Voices on the Prairie: What I Learned While Writing My First Novel

My first novel, Voices on the Prairie, is due to be released July 23.  Naturally, the story is set in one of my favorite places on earth: the Flint Hills of Kansas. The photo that accompanies this blog is one I took last week of a local cowgirl, Richell Bailey, just west of the ghost […]

Writing Your Way Out of a Difficult Circumstance

No one has the power to take away your ability to interpret your own circumstances.  –  Dr. Vincent Amanor-Bouda, Kansas State University  If you were not the person neck deep in your difficult circumstance right now, what advice would you give yourself to come out on top? If you could step outside of your body […]