Bob was 17 years my senior and passed away nearly two decades ago. He was pastor of the Beacon Light Chapel near Churubusco, IN, and was also a television sports broadcaster in Ft. Wayne. I remember following him in a mall as people stopped him for autographs. He was always my idol.
1. “Some American Christians who claim they are being persecuted for being a Christian are, in reality, being persecuted for being a**holes.”
2. “I’ll bet you $100 that Jimmy Swaggart is guilty of the same sexual immorality that he is preaching against Jimmy Bakker for.” “Preachers who rail incessantly against immorality are usually guilty of whatever sin they preach against.” (Sure enough, Swaggart got caught 2 months later)
3. “Man, my sermon was so good this morning I’m going to listen to it again and take notes.” (Bob never lacked for confidence)
4. “It’s time to pass the baton to you, little brother,” he said to me in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem when the group asked him and I to lead communion. He promptly got up and spoke for 20 minutes then let me close with a brief prayer. He later admitted, “An attentive audience is like a beautiful woman; I just can’t pass up the opportunity to impress them.”
5. “Participation trophies will ruin a generation of children. If you’re going to keep score, then someone wins and someone loses. That’s how life works.” (He was extremely competitive and known as one of the best high school basketball shooters in the state. He notoriously killed teams from the 3-point range before it even existed)
6. “Dad and I will be waiting for you. Just don’t be in a hurry.” He died of a rare liver disease like Walter Payton had.
I sure do miss you, big brother. Wish you could see my life now; I think you’d be proud of me, too, because I was sure proud of you.