The best presents at a party are not the ones wrapped up in paper, but people you can wrap in a  hug.

The U.S. is low on the totem pole of countries with celebrations. Having traveled to Central America and several African countries, I discovered they find any reason to celebrate and spend at least a week doing it.

I’ll never forget arriving in Pacora, Colombia, South America on a Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock! and they were having a parade to celebrate the arrival of food we had shipped down for disaster relief. My son, Isaac, led the parade!

Recently, my children threw a surprise party to celebrate the release of my first novel, Voices on the Prairie. It was about the best day I had all year.

My wife asked me to make a list for my birthday; my list was full of people, not things.  And that thing Facebook does for  your birthday is FANTASTIC! I felt like a little kid again opening the presents  from people who paused long enough in their busy day to wish me well.

Is the best gift we can give someone is the gift of celebration? Here’s a list of ways to give the gift of celebration.

  • Look for a reason to celebrate with a person (this is the most important one)
  • Wish them well on social media (that helps engage others in the party!)
  • Send them a card or email acknowledging a milestone or accomplishment (these are usually the best gifts)
  • Throw a party for them to celebrate an achievement
  • Throw a party for them to support them in a rough time
  • Nominate them for an honor or award
  • Involve others in your circle of friends, family, or workplace

The best part of giving a gift of celebration is that is the gift a person will most remember. I often forget what was given to me, but I never forget the party.

How do you give the gift of celebration?

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