After what I experienced at 32,000 feet yesterday, I decided to add “accordion player” to my bucket list.

The atrociously bratty children on my first flight made me want to spank their parents. I have mercy for children who fly and suffer. However, I can’t stir up an ounce of compassion for sneufelers. (Sneufeler is a made up word by my sons to describe whiny, sneaky, and manipulative children.)

When I boarded the second flight, I was more than mildly discouraged when a new cacophony of children started sneufling. It was going to be a long trip. Fortunately, the children grew substantially quieter when we hit ten thousand feet. Earphones are marvelous.

An hour into the flight, I noticed a commotion a few rows in front of me. While I’m not afraid to fly, I am sensitive to my surroundings in case some moron tries to light his underwear on fire.

I looked up to see an old guy taking his bright red accordion out of his box and smiling like a Cheshire cat.  He was going to serenade us!

And serenade us he did.  He warbled a few old gospel tunes along with some of the greatest facial expressions since Bugs Bunny.  Cameras started flashing, children quit crying, and, when finished, he received a standing ovation. It was worth the price of the ticket.

I fly so much they blur into foggy memory. However, this flight is indelibly sketched in my mind. An old guy had outgrown caring what people thought of him and decided to brighten the day of as many people as possible.

So keep an eye out for me while you’re flying. If you see a middle aged guy pop up and start playing an accordion it just might be me. I’ll be doing it to brighten your day.

And to shut up a few sneufeling children.