America was founded by farmers and I vote we turn it back over to them as soon as possible. I’d be happy to vote for a guy or gal in Levi’s and a Stetson or bib overalls compared to a greasy politician.

The vast majority of the new arrivals to early America were farmers who brought with them agriculture practices from the various countries of their origins. America became great because of those farmer’s ability to go from subsistence farming – growing enough for one’s own family – to growing enough to export it to other countries.

Although I grew up in the country surrounded by farmers and working on farms, I was never a farmer. I honestly don’t think I have the courage to be a farmer. I know of no other business that requires such great business risks, such hard work, such a massive attack on an industry from misinformed city-slickers, or such dependency on forces beyond their control (Mother Nature) as that of a farmer.

Today, I toast the American Farmer and celebrate them for making America great. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Thank for feeding us.
  • Thank you for loving the land you farm more than we non-farmers could ever imagine.
  • Thank you for the hard work  you do, 24/7.
  • Thank you for starting to tell your story better as you are unfairly attacked by misinformed, misguided and even hateful people who have no clue what they’re talking about.
  • Thank you for standing up to the pencil-pushing government bureaucrats who wouldn’t know the difference between a bull and a steer but want to control every part of your life, every minute of every day.
  • Thank you for taking such great risks and, literally, betting your farm. Every. Day.
  • Thank you for the values of faith, family, hard work, integrity and creativity that you pass on to their kids and grandkids.
  • Thank you for rising to the challenge to increase agricultural production by 75 percent in the next 35 years to feed the world’s population of 9 billion.
  • Thank you for your entrepreneurial spirit which finds ways to adjust to an ever changing economy by creating new business opportunities.
  • Thank you for your ingenuity with technology. I’ve helped farmers in developing countries that still farm behind oxen with a single bottom plow, or, more often than not, just a hoe.
  • Thank you for your eternal optimism that plants each seed with hope, faith and a dozen prayers.

Although there is a beautiful corn field growing head-high within a few feet of my property, I live in a city and am what I  would have called a city-slicker. Even if you are one, too, there are easy ways you can thank a farmer.

  1. Send this post to anyone you know who is a farmer or knows a farmer.
  2. If you know one, the next time you see them go up and shake their hand and thank them for providing you food to eat three times a day.
  3. Join your state’s Farm Bureau. I wrote this blog about Why A City Slicker Joined the Kansas Farm Bureau.  You can find your state’s Farm Bureau here.
  4. Encourage your children to join FFA or 4-H
  5. Buy more products from the local Farmers Market in your area.
  6. Be informed; don’t listen to the hateful rhetoric of misinformed people. You’re smarter than that.

Each time I write something about farmers, part of my inspiration is to listen to Paul Harvey’s speech: God Made a Farmer. I would encourage you to do the same!

The American soldier, rightly so, is honored for making America free. However, the next in line behind the soldier to be honored for our freedom is the American farmer. Any country that cannot grow enough food to feed it’s own people is subject to foreign rule.

When you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner today and enjoy the fruit of a farmer’s labor, add an extra prayer for them. They’d be most grateful.

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