My introduction to global hunger occurred as a young meat-and-taters Kansas country-boy sitting at the kitchen table in a drafty old farmhouse. Mom slopped a glob of spinach on my plate and my heart sank. Not even the dog at my feet, which would proudly eat the vilest of carrion, would touch the dark green mass. I didn’t care how much Popeye liked spinach; the mere smell of it caused me to gag.

My Mom gave me the typical guilt-trip associated with hunger: “There are starving children in Africa who would love to have this for dinner.” I wanted to ask her for their names and mailing address. However, I had lived long enough to choose discretion in the application of sarcasm.

It would be over thirty years before I would make a choice to dedicate my life to fighting global hunger. This book is a collection of stories of people who inspired me to make that choice. Some are illiterate children and old ladies. Some are Nobel Peace Prize nominees. All are my friends.

I hope their stories inspire you to join the fight. I know you care about hungry people; you just might not know what to do about it. Let my friends show you how.

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