I love to write and recently resumed the practice of handwritten letters. My favorite instrument of choice, hands down, is a fountain pen. Using a fountain pen on fine paper requires an entirely different way of writing than which I am accustomed. _DSC2233

I am also a woodworker and was recently given a Siberian Elm with all sorts of burls, a wood turner’s dream. As I was leaning on the rail of my trailer wondering what I would do with the log, I challenged myself with a challenge I often give to others: find creative ways to turn your vocation, avocation and recreation into ways you can feed the hungry.img_6074

So I want to see how many people The Burly Log will feed.

The first items I crafted from this are, naturally, writing instruments. This set of pens is a matching fountain and rollerball set. The box is made from The Burly Log as well.pens on stand


Pens on stand with case
If you want to bid on the pens or just watch out of curiosity, you can go here on Ebay:  Matching Pen Set From The Burly Log,
Also, here’s a 2 minute video of The Burly Log Goes to the Sawmill and me making this set of pens in my woodworking shop.
Please share! The auction lasts for a week and ALL of the proceeds go to The OutreachProgram for meals for the hungry!
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