How do you stay positive in negative environments? Maybe it’s your job, your family or your favorite social media platform that is filled with negativity. And you’re drowning. What do you do?

Here are some tricks I’ve learned:

Music – I start my day with positive, upbeat music. My AWAKE play list is filled with songs that make me want to dance and choose joy over gloom. I love the beat, but the best part is that it gives me powerful, positive words I can repeat. Some of my favorite songs:

  • I Choose Joy – for King and Country
  • Still Rolling Stones – Lauren Daigle
  • Happy – Pharrell Williams
  • Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
  • On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

Written Words –  Our mind things in abstract, fragmented thoughts and a lot of them every minute. Written words take those jumbled thoughts, slow them down and form complete, coherent sentences. Here are a few of my resources:

  • Daily Quote Calendar
  • Hashtag these on your social media with #inspiration #inspirational
  • Proverbs – This is an incredible book of wisdom.

Spoken Words – Written words tap into our visual senses, spoken words tap into our auditory. Podcasts and audio-books are powerful doses of inspiration.

Giving Positivity to Others – This might be the most powerful of all; giving positivity away makes you positive. In my last article, I wrote about “Marvelous Marva,” who said that we start our day with a cup full of joy, but people and life tries to empty our cup and the only way to end the day with our cup full and running over is to give joy away. She’s right.

When I think of living life as a negative person versus a positive person, I often remember this quote from a lady who as fighting cancer: “People ask me why I’m so positive and that question puzzles me: Why would I want to be negative? It’s my choice, so I’ll choose positivity.”

I choose joy, which is the natural by-product of a positive thoughts.