A cowboy was bedding down on the open range for the night when a rattlesnake slithered near the campfire.

“Do you mind if I sleep under the blankets with you?” the rattlesnake asked.

“Are you nuts?” the cowboy said, “You’re a rattlesnake and rattlesnakes bite people.”

“I know,” the rattlesnake whined,  “but it’s really cold tonight and I’d stay by the fire, but it will go out and I just need a warm place to sleep.”

“No way!” the cowboy shouted, “You are NOT sleeping with me.”

“What if I promise not to bite you?” the rattlesnake asked.

“No way!” the cowboy repeated, “You’re still not sleeping with me.”

The rattlesnake continued to beg and plead so finally the cowboy gave in, lifted the edge of his blanket, and the rattlesnake slithered underneath.  They both fell asleep.

About 2 AM, the cowboy let out a blood-curdling scream, “You bit me!” he shrieked as the rattlesnake sank his fangs into the cowboy’s leg.  “You promised me you wouldn’t bit me. Why did you bite me?”

“I’m a rattlesnake,” the snake replied, “that’s what I do.”

Learning to spot a lying rattlesnake keeps you from getting bit. You might be forced to share the open fire with them, but never let them in your bed.