The first thing I look for

When my plane touches down

Is a spot where I can walk to

Of grass growing on naked ground.

When I find a restful spot

Of America’s fertile lands

I drop to my knees in gratitude

And spread wide my thankful hands.

I bow in humble reverence

To God who granted me

To be born in such a nation

With freedom and opportunity.

For I have been in other lands

On a far-off, distance shore

Where governments starve their own

As a brutal act of war.

I’ve met the starving people

I know them now, by name

And because I heard their stories

I’ll never be the same.

America’s not perfect

And has never claimed to be

But travel with me to far off lands

And I think you will agree.

There is no nation, under God

That sits upon this earth

Where such opportunities and freedoms

Are given to us at birth.

Compared to other nations

What makes America so great

Is that it’s a land of opportunity

Where we get to chose our fate.

We are each given the freedom

To choose the paths we take

For happiness, life and liberty

And the kind of life we make.

It’s the opportunity to improve our lives

That separates us from the rest

We are given the power to choose

A path that we deem best.

The power to choose is granted me

To seize every opportunity

To make a world a better place

Not just for now, but those who follow me.

I’ll leave you now as I go in search

Of grass growing on naked ground.

I’ll bow my knees and spread my hands

And lay a prayerful kiss down.

For there is no place like America

No place I’d rather stay

Than in this land I love so dear

God bless the U.S.A.