The musica universalis is an ancient Greek philosphy that the soul can feel the music and rhythm in the motion of the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars. I’m headed to the Rocky Mountains to spend a week getting as close to nature as I can – tent camping. My soul is most at rest in the mountains as I gaze upon majestic peaks, slumber to a quiet brook cascading down the mountain, and breath deep the crisp air. 
I wrote this poem after a previous trip to the Rockies. I hope you enjoy: 
Creation’s Praise 
When the heavens and the earth rejoice
to hear the sound of their savior’s voice
The mountains shout and the seas will echo in song
The hills will dance, and the rivers sing,
you’ll hear them whisper across the plains
and with nature’s harmony I will sing along
When the aspens raise their golden arms
and wheat fields sway in rhythmic charm
the stars join hands with the moon and dance thru the sky
The lighting claps and the thunder roars
On a distant rainbow my spirit soars
and on eagle’s wings my soul will rise up and fly.
The prairie whispers the break of day
The wildflowers lift their arms to pray
Old oak trees guard the rivers deep and wide
The tall grass speaks in a poet’s verse
With words for creatures to rehearse
As we sing the song of a bold and beautiful bride.
And I will sing when the river flows
And I will praise when the strong wind blows
And i will shout when mountains reach to the sky
When all creation lifts her might voice
My heart will join her in the chorus
And together we will praise our glorious king