I walked into the small, locally owned computer store because I like to shop local. In the past, I’ve purchased a significant amount of computer products for commercial use from that store. I had full intention of spending way too much money to replace and upgrade my personal computer equipment that had fried in a freak electrical short.

I was the only person in the store and walked up to the long glass counter where a young person was sitting on a bar stool looking at a computer screen.  The computer’s back was toward me so it would have been extremely easy for the young man to raise his eyes and say hello.

He kept typing.

So I walked down a few steps to a young lady in the same pose behind the glass counter and paused.

She kept typing.

In a span of five feet I decided to take my business down the street to a national chain store that is friendly.

I wrote the local storeowner because, if I were he, I would want to know what my people were doing to lose business. He called and asked what they could do to improve.

It was very simple; they could have had me at hello.


(image was purchased at iStock)