Does your Happy Holidays suit not fit anymore?  You don’t want be labeled an Ebenezer Scrooge so you put your Happy Holiday suit on but it just doesn’t fit; the buttons are missing, the legs are too short, and the hat has a hole in it.

You know you loathe the holidays if…

  • You scream at the radio station for playing Christmas music right after Halloween
  • You boycott any store that has a Christmas promotion before fall actually begins
  • You’d rather have a root canal than go Black Friday shopping
  • You want to punch people dressed up like elves
  • You shudder at the the thought of eating a meal with family members who don’t like each other yet pretend like they do a day or too out of the year
  • Pigging out all day long troubles you deep in your soul because you know that millions are starving
  • You feel that traveling to various holiday festivities is like lemmings running into the sea

Here are a few tips that might make this season brighter for you;

  • Do something good for someone that can’t pay you back
  • Start a new tradition that is meaningful to you and/or your family & friends
  • Take a trip to a new part of your state or country
  • Set boundaries; it’s okay for you not to join in all the reindeer games
  • Spend more effort on honest relationships instead of fake ones
  • Be selective on who you spend time around
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Take a class; knowledge is a great mood-lifter
  • Get lots of sunshine and exercise; scientists call it SAD- seasonal affective disorder- Vitamin D and exercise helps
  • Don’t let someone else’s standard of joy get you down. Grab the season by the horns and make it something you enjoy rather than endure

It’s okay if you don’t find joy in what others say you should; create your own.

What tips do you have to make this season brighter?

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The photo is mine. I photographed it north of Augusta, Kansas a couple of years ago.