How would you divide this massive trunk into blocks of beauty? That’s my number one question as I get ready to fire up the chainsaw.

Out of this exquisite beauty, I will create various works of wood art – predomiantly wood turnings (especially bowls) and will make them available for a donation to The Outreach Program.

How many vulnerable children in Africa can we provide nutritious food, safe water, medical care and the ability to break the cylce of poverty and hunger through education? Please follow along on this website or on the Doing Good with Wood Facebook Page.

As soon as I have the first one ready, I’ll put it up for auction on Ebay – I have no idea how to “price” these, but whatever money they bring in, ALL of it will go to The Outreach Program, which has a 4-Star Charity Navigator Rating (highest you can attain!)  #doinggoodwithwood