I’m frequently asked if people can buy the pens or bowls I make on my lathe but I’m not in the habit of selling those items. However, I am willing to part with them if you’ll help me send vulnerable children in The Outreach Program’s Children’s Centers in Africa on to Secondary School. We have 59 students that need $50 per student so they can go on. Education is their way out of the cycle of poverty and hunger.

For a gift of $50, I’ll send you a pen made of Zebra wood, a wood that comes from Africa. However, this is a limited offer to the first 30 people that respond (we’re already about halfway to our goal of $3,000). Plus, it’s a limited time offer since we need the money by January 3, 2020.

Here’s a graphic that shows how our Children’s Centers work.

Outreach helps more than 1,200 students a day in our two different centers in Manyoni and Singida, Tanzania. Here’s a map to show you where they are.

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Tell me you want one by replying to this email or social media post, then write a check to The Outreach Program and send it to: 301 Center, Union, IA 50258
  2. Go to this link and you can use Payal or your credit card but PLEASE specify “Custom Pen for Student Fees.”
  3. Go to my Facebook page and donate. FB is great about sending ALL of the money to the Outreach Program rather than collecting anywhere from 3 to 6 percent like some companies (PayPal) do.

If you do donate, please reply to this email so I can make sure you get a note form our wonderful founders, Floyd and Kathy Hammer.

Outreach Founders, Floyd and Kathy Hammer

Happy writing!

Also, please to go The Outreach Program’s Facebook page and follow along with the series of stories about Floyd and Kathy that I started writing there.