Are you climbing a mountain of difficulty right now? What decision will you make on this mountain to change the direction of your future?

Six years ago I was climbing one of the highest mountains of difficulty in my life. To clear my mind, I took a hike up Deer Mountain in the Rockies with my wife, Christine. We like to hike and even began our marriage by backpacking nine miles up into the Indian Peaks Wilderness in the Rockies. 

The heaviness in my heart made the climb up Deer Mountain that much more difficult. Along the trail, Christine stopped me and posed this question: “What decision will you make right here, right now to turn this negative into a positive?”

Deer Mountain Trail – the easy part!

I leaned against a huge bolder along the trail, then responded: “I want to be a writer.”

Earlier this year, we climbed that trail again, posed by my “rock of decision,” and she asked me this question: “And what did you do to answer your own question?”

“I wrote,” I said. “I hunkered down and wrote.” Three published books later, I look back with intense gratitude for the questions my wife asked but only I could answer and make come true.

So I ask you this question; “What decision will you make right here, right now, to turn this negative into a positive? In six years, do you want to look back to this time in your life and recognize that you took the manure of life and made it into fertilizer to grow yourself?” 

Make your present mountain a mountain of change for your future.

It’s official – I have a badge!