You’ve been knocked down a time or two in life, haven’t you? What made you get back up? What is the most crushing blow you’ve ever received? Bad news about your health? Someone walk out on you? Your best friend betray you? A trusted employee take all your money?

How did you stand back up after you were blind-sided? Was it your faith? The love of someone close? Grit?

You’ve gone through a rough time and came out the other side stronger and better and we want to know how you did it. We all have those rough times in our lives and, as we struggle through them, we want to know how people like you handled your own crisis.

We’re not nosy; we’re looking for guidance. Life is a contest and we are designed to win.

Your story matters to the world because you are a winner and we want to know how you did it

We love stories of people who win. In a few months, all eyes will be focused on the Olympics for one reason; we want to see who wins.

If you walk through the inspirational section of your local book store, you will see row after row of biographies and autobiographies of people who have won. I read them, not looking for another hero, but for the lessons they learned that made them win.

Spend a couple of minutes right now doing this exercise:

  1. Write down your most difficult time in your life.
  2. Jot down three things that helped you through it.
  3. Jot down one way you become better because of that.

Now you have a simple outline of a story the world wants to hear.

We’re listening.