No one has the power to take away your ability to interpret your own circumstances.  –  Dr. Vincent Amanor-Bouda, Kansas State University

 If you were not the person neck deep in your difficult circumstance right now, what advice would you give yourself to come out on top? If you could step outside of your body and become one of your friends, colleagues, or family, what kind of game plan would you help yourself put together in order to become a victor and not a victim?

Imagine, then, that you are an author writing a story with the elements of your current circumstance. Remove yourself as best you can from the emotion and confusion and start writing the story.

Begin by doing this:

Write down the names of main characters

  • Give a brief description of them
  • Why are they a part of the story?
  • Are they bringing solutions or more confusion?

Write down the basic plot

  • Origin of the problem
  • Contributing factors
  • Dangers involved
  • Attempted solutions that failed

Write down your part

  • How and where do you fit into this mess?
  • What positive influence can you have to make the story end well?
  • How do you emerge the hero?
  • What about this can you use to make you stronger and wiser?
  • How can you help others do the same?

The more you narrate your life’s story, the more you will enjoy it.