“My life is so much better today because of your presence in this room.” An old man laying in a hospital bed said that to me 30 years ago and I recall that phrase almost every day. Today is a good day to tell someone you admire how much better your life is because of their presence.

Don’t let Hallmark do your job today; you write the words instead of someone who charges you a buck-seventy-five.

All over the nation today, people are letting others say what they feel. While that’s better than nothing, it’s not as good as words that come from you to someone you admire.

In celebration of love today, write down words of affection you have for a spouse, parent, child, grandchild or friend. You’d be surprised what a short note of affirmation will do to brighten someone’s day or even their future. Here are some suggestion:

  • Thank a person for a certain quality they possess that you admire
  • Congratulate them for an accomplishment they have done that impresses you (even if it was ten years ago)
  • Remind them how important they are in your life and why
  • Compliment them on their sense of taste, humor, attitude, books, music, etc.
  • Share one of your favorite memories of an experience you shared with them: “I remember the time…”
  • Simply let them know how much their smile brightens your day

Write it on a card and drop it in the mail, email them, tweet to them, text them or whatever form of communication  you prefer, but before the sun sets today let someone you know how kindly you think of them.

Who makes your life better? Today’s the perfect day to tell them why.