The people. I have made a lot of wonderful friends in Africa since 2004 and I’m anxious to reunite with some of them!

When I used to lead mission trips, sometimes taking upwards to 45 people, I would encourage them to develop a friendship. I would say, “When you return on your sitting on your porch drinking coffee, I don’t want to you miss Africa (or whatever country I took them to), but I want you to miss Celestine and David, or Jose and Margaurite.” For me, I’ve been missing Mike, and Mbigi, and Ishmael.

I look forward to seeing my friends again like Dr. Mike Kitwaka, the VP of Outreach Int’l Tanzania:

And Mbigi

And my blind friend, Ishmael, from the market:

And I wonder if I’ll see this little beauty I captured the image of:

Just a few more hours and I’ll find the parts of my heart that I’ve left behind in Africa!